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Keeping the Community Safe: We Love Waterbury

So much is happening in Waterbury this year. It's something we all feel as community members, small businesses owners, and just humans. Some of it, like the Waterbury Construction, we prepared for. We were nervous and excited, but we knew it was coming. Some of it, like the big you-know-who virus, we didn't see coming and we didn't know how to prepare. As we learn and grow together, here's what we've been doing and some thank-you's for the town.

homemade masks at the tiny acorn

Mask Up

First things first, we all wear our masks. We're located right across from the Waterbury Market, so we see so many people come an go. Wearing a mask is like saying "I love you". It's such a simply way to show that you care. We do ask that when you enter the store you always wear your mask to keep us, our customers, and yourselves safe and healthy. Don't have a mask? Just ask! We have some available for you to take if you are in need.

Just a Few at a Time

Our store seems to strength on and on, so many fun rooms to discover. However, this old Vermont building has some narrow spots that can get crowded pretty easily. Be mindful of how many people are entering the store at once. We love having shoppers browse our little store, but this is a time for quick trips and small groups! Just shop with compassion and everybody should leave with toys, crafts, books, and nothing but joy!

tiny acorn waterbury Vermont

Sanitize As You Go

We have hand sanitizer available at the entrance of the store as well as a few other spots throughout. Sanitizing as you go and only touching items you plan to buy is a great way to keep surfaces and items clean.

Thank You Waterbury

This is hardly the first hardship this community has faced. We are proud to live among people who take the health and safety of those around us seriously. This can be a scary time, and we admit it often is. As policies change and our doors may or may not be open, there are always ways to support your favorite small businesses. Follow us on social media, buy gift cards to use in the future, call for curbside pickup, and just show us some love. Thank you for joining us this year and the last 16 years of our journey at The Tiny Acorn.

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