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Virtual Tour: Welcome to the Tiny Acorn

Oh so often when someone walks into our store, they turn the first corner and expect the store to stop! They always gasp in wonder when they discover the rooms branching this way and that creating a fun maze of discover and toys. There are so many rooms to visit and so much wonder to uncover!

tiny acorn candy welcome

The First Room

When you first walk in, you'll discover a whole mix of what we offer. The 5 cent candy rack, the alcove of puzzled and games, the shelves of jewelry, and so much more all welcome you in and give you a taste of what's to come. Be sure to say hi to our giant stuffed animals who are always waiting to greet you!

toy store in waterbury Vermont

The Toy Room

This magical room explodes with everything a child could want. Leggo sets, puppets, craft kits, charm bracelets, baby dolls, stuffed animals, musical instruments, and diaries are truly just the beginning. With some of the most popular toy brands on our shelves and some old fashioned classic wooden toys hiding among them, we work hard to create a unique and special toy store experience.

The Dance Room

It's time to tap those toes and spin around! Our dance room is ready for the little ballerinas, gymnasts, or figure skaters to find just what they need to get started. Shoes, tights, leotards, and other fun accessories are waiting for you right here at The Tiny Acorn.

gifts for baby waterbury Vermont

The Baby Room

As you might have guessed, the baby room is full of great gifts, books, and fun activities for the littles ones among us. If you're shopping for a baby shower, headed off to a birthday party, or looking for some new entertainment this is the place to be. As parents and grandparents, we know how fun it is to find that special something for the little ones in your life and we've created a great space to discover something perfect!

craft store waterbury Vermont

The Craft Room

It's time to create! Waterbury locals might remember when Vincent's was in town. They always had crafts and goodies to create something fun. Once that store left our little square, we knew people still had an itch to get crafty! We keep our Craft Room well supplied with everything you need to have some creative fun at home.

The Gift Room

Our final room is the perfect place to discover something you never even knew you were looking for. If you're looking for a gift for mom, your uncle, your sister, your teacher, or just something to make you smile this is where to go. Head in with no expectations, just thinking hard about that person you're shopping for. Certainly something great will pop out and save the day just in time. You'll also find our Re-Read shelf so you can easily grab a book or two for just a few bucks!

Visit The Tiny Acorn

Well, we did our best to describe the various rooms, but we could never really tell you just how much is packed into this old Waterbury building. Come explore with us soon, you never know what type of magic you'll discover!

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